SEO with low volume search key words

May 2nd, 2011.

The search engines don’t understand new products. They only understand existing words and phrases so introducing a new word – a brand or product type – is greeted with ‘not invented yet’ by Google.

It is possible to promote the new keyword phrase – I’ll call it ‘tooth black’ – err.. the anarchist version of ’tooth whitener’ – by building a key word related site in WordPress, SEO tuning it and supporting it with SEM – except that Adwords thinks it is such a low volume search term that it fails to return it because no-one is searching for it.

So its a tough one to crack. You want the world to know about your product  but the least cost method of internet marketing is blanking you.

Here’s a few ideas to get round the problem.

Borrow interest from something associated with your product. Lets say.. Teeth Blackening is a fashion statement that came from a craze to dress as pirates and middle age peasants and it appeals to 13-19 year old party people. Which is hardly a mainstream product and tough to get going. But say ..Pirates of Penzance  was a great pirate film and Jack Sparrow was the star and Jack Sparrow had blackened teeth. So you write a lot of posts in the blog section of your site linking everything to do with the famous film and the characters and add links to more Tooth Black information. And then spin this into more articles and posts about other characters in other films with blackened teeth, black teeth, tooth that is black.. etc etc.

Write some Adwords ads to see what sort of traffic a given keyword is getting and the cost per click. For example write an ad for ‘teeth whitening’ and check out the cost per click – you can always take it down before you spend too much. Then if it is reasonable,  make it an active keyword in your site landing page and in the ad but write the ad heavily towards tooth black and tooth blackening ie keep the traffic attracting term in the ad but make sure there is no mistaking the actual product on offer.

Photos and Video.  Build a Tumblr site and fill it with pictures of friends and family with their teeth blacked and encourage posts from other people in love with the fashion (I know this is getting a bit far fetched but it’s just an illustration). Don’t rip off other peoples’ web shots because copyright really is an issue. Many copyright holders will give permission, be glad to hear from you and may even link to your new site.

Obviously build a YouTube page and upload videos on how to apply the black; how to look good with black teeth, what jewellery to wear etc etc and take the posted comments and reproduce them in your blog post linking back to the video – etc etc. Then there is Facebook and Twitter – to get the most out of these you need a mate who has a reasonable following to give you a push. Starting from scratch is tough, but do-able. That’s a whole different subject.

Use Directories. Directories get weak press because they seem very benign and cost money but they are very well supported by the information hungry Google. So free list manually on a few big ones because at the end of the day if you want to sell Tooth Black the buyers need to be able to find you and you can promote within a directory for not too much cash. Don’t miss out Alibaba from your list – its probably the world’s most valuable directory.

Use eBay and Amazon. You can’t link directly back from your eBay account because they will not be happy but you can add the product in several categories,  talk about the product and add images - the product will be found and faster than most other reselling platforms. And provided the home page of your site is ‘alluded to’  rather than explicitly published the visitors will check if you have a web site via search and your keywords are starting to be searched.

Press Releases. Online mags are information hungry too and will reproduce stuff if it is relevant to their readers. There are dozens of sites that can be approached and not just in your local country – the press release will need to be very carefully written and tight to about 150 words with a couple of links. You can use a professional service like Submit your Article – they have some great functions built into their service and they are helpful and don’t cost too much.

Build your Shop on current open source platform. Use Presta or Magento because they both offer an open source version that works very well and there is a host of support in the form of templates and forum strings. These platforms are valuable because a lot o the SEO is built in and if you write your content carefully with an eye for both the key words and the sales copy, Google will return the pages.

There are a few ideas – there are many more. The facts are that it will take about 3-6 months to get a some or reasonable presence – not because of Google failing to index you but because no-one knows  to search for your key words or phrases. In the example above, the best model would be an orchestrated social network campaign as a few of days of interest from  fashion mad networked young mobile phone users is often enough to establish a brand, the product and the web site overnight. Who needs Google if you can whip up that sort of froth overnight? Err.. Rebecca Black .. need I say more?


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