Frequently Asked Questions about Redesign or Re-modelling Websites.

Some questions about re-developing your website may have been asked already. Check this list of answers to see if any match your query.

Why should I consider re-modelling my website?

The standards that are used in writing or scripting websites change because web browsers are being up-dated (like Internet Explorer 7 to version 8) or the authoring programmes in which the sites are written improve. This means that websites written using, for example the old Microsoft FrontPage tables, do not have the same design flexibility that can be built into sites driven by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The object is for a site to look great to the visitor yet perform against a list of criteria, including page load speed, visibility to search engines plus browser and screen resolution compatibility.

What will re-modelling entail?

Normally the content of a website is basically OK; the copy may need a re-write and images may need to be brought up to date. But the structure of the site; the way it looks and the navigation may need some serious up-dating. And early sites rarely have the most effective search engine optimisation built in, making the site overly reliant on advertising for visibility.
Internet Assets will work with your design ideas or suggest radical new ideas. We will take illustrations and convert them to the most up-to-date CSS formats. You will still be able to edit and make changes to your site. It is in your interest to be able to make independent changes to your site.
We will need access to the server files and regular contact to make sure that the site is developing as you wish. It is not onerous. Re-modelling is day to day business for us so we make it as painless as possible.

How much does it cost?

Hard not to sound evasive on this issue without sight of the job. An evaluation will cost nothing because we need to know the extent of the work to even comment. Having researched your site, we can estimate the time required with reasonable accuracy. It is a lot like estimating to build a house. We need a plan and a timescale; we need to know the features that must be built in and whether you just need a shell or a turn-key development. As with house building, it costs more to make changes after the job is underway because changes may affect the structure that has just been built. A simple 10 page site is not likely to cost less than £900 to re-script, search engine optimise and post-launch service.

What happens to my old site

Your old site will continue to operate until the new site is ready to launch. We will build the new site using as many of the existing page URLs as possible so that error pages are minimised. If a page is removed, we will make a special redirect page so the visitor is not lost. Your old site will be placed in a folder that the spiders will not be able to see so it can be recovered if there is and issue.

How long will the re-build take

Some sites can be very quickly rebuilt because there are templates that can be used to get the basic shape in place. We rarely use templates as the object is to give you a website to be proud of not a near copy of someone else’s. You will have seen the multitude of Chinese and Indian websites that are all modelled on a similar template. Western visitors are more discerning. We will estimate the time taken based on experience and tell the truth.

How much input do I have in the design?

The look of the site is entirely your decision. It is your money and you know your business better than we do. We need to make sure that the website functions and that it is visible. Lots of images are nice but they can be invisible to spiders. You can fill the screen with images of cars yet Google will not see them. We have seen sites that have had tens of thousands spent on them but just do not figure in the search listings. The site must look good and have all the elements needed to make it visible built in.

I have a site that is working I just need a blog (or bulletin board etc.) building in

Building in a module to give your site another dimension is probably our biggest activities. Sites that do not offer the owner to up-load articles or sell products online are missing out on valuable traffic and revenue. We have worked with most blogs, e-commerce packages and bulletin boards to enhance previously static sites. Many sites are now building in video and audio to enhance the visitor experience. Unless a site is very old it is more than likely the script can be written to add the features you want. Add to that SQL database construction and the sort of functionality you will find in estate agents and flight agencies and you will few features that we have not built into existing sites.

I have some great ideas but they are in a drawing programme or on paper

If you work in Photoshop or similar you may have some very exacting designs that show how you would like your site to look. This is our PSD to CSS service – we work with the image and convert it to a functioning web page and we will build in (or advise on) SEO functions to ensure the finished site is visible. The file could be a line drawing or from a word-processing or drawing package and saved as a .jpg. Send the file from anywhere in the world and we will process it.

Do we need regular meetings?

We’ll need to meet up to get things underway and put some faces to the service but once we are rolling its cheaper all round to use skype or similar. We have associates and partners based in England and off-shore in the Isle of Man. Skype (with or without the cameras) and this means that we can have instant meetings with anyone with a braodband connection, anywhere in the World. We can get things agreed without putting multiple hours (and cost) into travel time. If you can work this way, it is not only inexpensive for both parties, but you will be helping to keep the old carbon down.