Disable Flash in Firefox

November 4th, 2009.

Disable Flash in Firefox

You may wish to disable Firefox showing you Flash objects while browsing the web.

‘But Flash is amazing’! you may cry. Well, there’s a couple of reasons you may wish to disable it:

  • As a web designer/developer, its important to be aware that some of your users won’t have Flash installed, or even have it disabled. If your website is Flash-heavy, disabling temporarily will allow you to view your page as your users would, and weed out any bugs you might find. This is especially helpful when using sIFR for custom typefaces for instance.
  • You could simply dislike some of the more troublesome Flash creations the Internet can provide! We’ll look at how to disable Flash more permanently as well.

To disable Flash / Flash objects temporarily:


In Firefox, along the top menu select Tools and then click Add-ons.

Disable Flash in Firefox Plugins

Once the Add-ons window pops up, select the Plugins tab.

Disable Flash in Firefox Shockwave Disable

Scroll down through your available plugins until you come across Shockwave Flash, then click Disable.

This will remove all Flash objects from the pages you browse (you may require a refresh).

To Enable Flash again, just follow the same process and click the Enable button within the Firefox Plugins menu.

To disable Flash / Flash objects permanently

There are a few ways that you can go about doing this:

1. Uninstall Flash

Adobe/Macromedia provide an uninstaller application to remove Flash from your system http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html.
The downside with this method is that some websites will prompt you to reinstall Flash on every visit, so this method is not recommended, where blocking rather than removing is probably a preferred method by most.

2. Flashblock – Firefox Add-on

This free, and quite frankly brilliant add-on will simply remove the Flash object from view, but allow you click onto the element if you decide you would like to view it. Flashblock will also give you the option to ‘white-list’ particular websites that you would always like to see Flash objects for. Youtube, for instance.

You can download Flashblock here: http://flashblock.mozdev.org/


Mark is a web designer / developer working for Internet Assets from Lancashire, England. He is a graduate of Graphic and Communication Design from the University of Leeds, and is keen on all things related to technology.

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